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That is one hell of a title oh my god. Since I don't really feel like posting my opinions anywhere else, I'll do it here.

Story time kiddos. A while back, If I were to stumble upon some EquNep porn, I'd probably be either indifferent to it or in most cases put off by it. One reason behind me feeling that way was that, although I am a huge pervert and love seeing porn of everyone and their mother (literally *coughmomlalondcough*) there's just something so pure and almost sibling-like about Nepeta and Equius's relationship. I didn't feel like sex between the two would ever, in any situation, ever be something they'd do or in any way justifiable. I'm not saying that I don't like porn of characters that hardly ever talk or crack ships with no merit. But even those seemed more justifiable that EquNep in my opinion.
But that was what seems like forever ago. As I delved more into the wonderful world of homestuck smut I realized, some of the ships I love most are indeed the incestuous ones. And along with that, EquNep, didn't seem like such a big upset anymore. I quite like it now. But I still wonder, in actual troll society, is it acceptable for moirails to be sexually active with each other?

Welp, I'm gonna give my thoughts on the matter. 

First off, we have to consider what is actually canon. What we see and what we are told in in the story up till this point is most likely, all the confirmation we will ever get. Reasons being 1) Because I can't possibly see a reason for Hussie to write anything about it into the final update and 2) If I do remember correctly, he's already said that he will not be explaining anything else about troll anatomy or reproduction.

So! With that that being said, here's what we know for sure.
  • Both Kismesissitudes and Matespritships are described as being the concupiscent (filled with sexual desire) quadrants.
  • A troll's urgency to enter one of these relationships is not necessarily because they are needy of a relationship, (unless it's Eridan. That fucker is just needy) but because without a mate to help supply genetic material to the Imperial Drone, they're culled immediately.
  • The Imperial Drone caries two pails: one for Matesprits, and one for Kismesis.
  • The genetic material from strong Matesprits and Kismesis will have genetic material with more dominate traits.
Well, that's all fine and dandy but two important things that we don't know is:
  • What happens to a troll if they are only able to fill on of the quadrant's worth of material?
  • Is a drone able to differentiate between couples that are Matesprits and Kismesis? Oh do they just trust that trolls will supply the right material?
So, will all of this said, my thinking is this. If a troll is missing one of the concupiscent quadrants and cannot supply genetic material at all to the Imperial Drone, who's to say their moirail cant step up and help with that? If we assume that an Imperial Drone cannot tell the difference between pairs of trolls that are matesprits, kismesis or moirails, why wouldn't a moirail be able to stand in as a substitute?

"But you said that stronger couples have stronger genetic material!" Ah yes, I did say that mister invisible reader of my stupid journal dude. But here's the thing. If the drones or the empress cared as much about stronger genetic material as they do about just filling the pails, then why wouldn't troll relationships work more in the way of arranged marriage or something of the sort?  The way I see it, if the Empress/Drones/Mother Grubs cared about getting only the strongest genetic material from the population, they would only accept material from those seen as having strong relationships. But that seems not to be the case; they just care that trolls pay their dues and provide for the next generation. 

All of this being said, moirails seem to me like they could work as emergency fuck-buddies. Or rather, friends with benefits seems to be the better term in this situation. The benefit being that a troll wouldn't be killed as long as they had some sort of genetic material to offer. Whether or not it was acceptable among society would vary from person to person. Perhaps it would be something that people did if they had too but it was frowned upon and kept on the down-low. Maybe people just ignored it cuz hey, anything is better than death amiright

So ummm, if you read this bull shit, thanks~


Selena Salmeron
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Creation is beauty, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I hope my work can make you smile at least.

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lol i dont know


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